How long does it take to Hypo Advisors to obtain a mortgage offer ?

The first notice will be given at the end of the first meeting.
Upon receipt of all the elements of your file a more formal agreement of one of our providers will be given within a week.

For what type of real estate Hypo Advisors can propose a mortage ?
For any type of real estate located in Switzerland and european countries (land, flat, house, building) and any type of use (residential, rental, commercial, second home)
Wich geographical area do you cover ?

Currently we cover the cantons of Geneva and Vaud for client meetings.
The property must be located in Switzerland, no coverage limit on the national territory.


Can I get financing for real estate located abroad ?
Unfortunately not, the property must be located in Switzerland.
What means cost / income ratio ?

The cost / income ratio is used to analyze your ability to borrow the money needed to purchase the property of your dreams.
This ratio compares your annual income to the future theoretical mortgage costs (calculated on the basis of an interest rate of 5%).
The ratio should normally not exceed 34%.

Why do I have to send as many documents to Hypo Advisors for the analysis of my mortgage application ?

These documents are required by the partner institutions so that they can validate your borrowing capacity and establish a formal mortgage offer.
A complete file will allow us to give you an answer as quickly as possible.

Can Hypo Advisors help me to find the property of my dreams ?
Yes, with its extensive network Hypo Advisors can assist in the search for the property of your dreams, it can be an existing property or a property to built.
Is Hypo Advisors able to help me selling my current property ?
Yes, we can certainly help you with the sale of your property through our extended network.
Is the company Hypo Advisors independent ?

We are a completely independent firm using a wide range of providers to offer the best possible conditions.
We are not tied to any exclusive contract.

How fast can I get an appointment with one of your experts ?
We will come back to you within hours to arrange a first appointment in the week.
Where will the meeting takes place?

Depending on your preferences, at your home, our office, your workplace, or by Skype / Zoom 

How many appointments do we need ?

The aim is to simplify the procedures, the usual process is as follows :

1. first meeting to define your needs
2. contacts by telephone and e-mail during the provider’s selection phase
3. final meeting with the provier and any other counterparties (notary, etc.)

This process is flexible and we will be adapted to your expectations.

Can we have a meeting in a language other than english ?

Yes, our specialists also speak french, german, italian and spanish

Can I get an 100% online offer ?

Although we suggest a physical meeting to define your expectations, it is possible to process a mortgage file 100% online via our online application tool.

Our report cost / income is too high, can we still obtain a mortgage ?
We will use all our expertise to work to try to find a solution. Contact us !
How much personal capital do I need?
Except in special cases, 20% of which at least 10% of own funds so-called “hard funds” (excluding pension fund).

To this are added the notary fees, about 5% of the purchase price.

Your total investment will be minimum 25% of the purchase price.

The contribution of additional collateral may, in some cases, allow to replace part of your of equity.

Contact us for more information.

Is it possible to pledge my pension fund ?
Yes, it is possible to substitute a part of your own funds by pledging your pension funds / 2nd pillar.

Contact us for more information.

Is it possible to pledge my current 3rd pillar ?
Yes, you have the opportunity either to withdraw or to pledge your current 3rd pillar (bank or insurance) as part of your personal equity  for the acquisition of your property.

Subsequently pledge your 3rd pillar can serve as an indirect amortization.

Our experts can give you more information, contact us !

What is the cost of your services ?
All our services are free of charge, we are paid by the institution granting you the mortgage