Real estate developers

Regarding our vast experience and our privileged relationships with financial institutions, Hypo Advisors proposes to you, professionals, the handling of your real estate promotions.

Some examples of services that we are adapted to provide :

  • Evaluating the most adequate methode of sale (share of land / General Contractor or Key-in-hand sales)
  • Negotiating an eventual promoter’s loan with our bank partners
  • Definition of criteria to open the construction sight. (pre-sale quota, conditions to follow)
  • Fully handling the mortgage financing files of your buyers.
  • Defining a planning to be followed and reporting regularly the progression of the work
  • Partial or full release of the formalities between the promoter and the bank
  • Support of the commercialisation of your project by putting it in our network of potential buyers.
  • If necessary, services with the bank related to the validation of the chosen General Contractor

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Completed promotions