Mortgage calculator

Here you have the possibility of three separate calculations :

  • Calculation of your purchase potential
  • Mortgage eligibility calculation
  • Calculation of your futur rent

Please consider the following :

  • Gross income including your prospective bonus retained at 50 %
  • Own funds excluding notary fees, deduct about 5% of the purchase price in the amount of your own funds

Calculate the maximum purchase price of the property of your dreams in comparison to your income and available capital


Eligibility calculation, determine the cost / income ratio


Calculate your monthly rent and measure the impact of an interest rate change

The above calculations are provided for information purposes and do not constitute in any way an offer of financing. The calculators do not take in consideration some important parameters such as your age, complete personal and financial situation, as well as other criteria that can influence the awarding or not of the mortgage. Maintenance costs are estimated (1% of the purchase price), the real costs may differ. Contact us for more information.